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RAW pictures with an Olympus C700UZ

 ok, I admit its horribly behind the times, but i still use a 2.1 megapixel digital camera. Mainly because It's 12x optical zoom has yet to be surpassed in any digital camera I could afford. And now that I've figured out how to squeeze RAW images out of it, I'll probably be using it for a few more years yet.

 To make a C700UZ take RAW photos you need software like Cam2Com or Camera Controller (the trial version should work fine).

  Follow the Directions here to switch the camera to PC control mode.

  Then use C2C or Camera Controller to get the camera's Info (or settings) and change its name from  "OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA" to "DIAG RAW". 
  Now Your C700UZ will save two files every time you shoot the first will be a normal jpeg and the second will be the raw ccd data (though it'll also be named .jpg)

  You'll need  a copy of Nef2RAW from here , to convert the raw ccd data to a .nef file (Nikon's raw format). If you're like me you'll need to add the line ;
 2920448, 0, 1616, 1204, 0, 2424, 12, 1, C700UZ
to Raw2Nef's ini file before it will recognize files from a the C700UZ, but once you add that it works fine (it took alot of educated guesswork to figure out what settings to tell raw2nef to use :P )

   So have fun making HDR photos with your C700, I know I'm going to !