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Arc-light... sorta

 Had a DIYjam-session with a friend the other day, he worked on a gassifier, i mostly just fiddled with stuff, but got inspired near the end of the session, and assembled a simple arc-light. using pencil leads as electrodes and a light bulb to limit current. 

 While not ground breaking as a project, it certainly was fun/rewarding to make a light so bright you couldnt look at it without eye protection :P   I used h4 pencil lead for my electrodes , having first burned off the wax/glue in 'em with a lighter (though i must not have done a very good job of it, because a whole lot more burned off during the first arc test )  next time i think i'll try using HB lead and I'll bake it in a toaster oven for a bit before using it..